Thursday, 23 May 2013

went to Paradise..


all photos by Lucy Williams FashionMeNow
The weather here in London is anything but sunny and warm, definitely far from summertime and it is supposed to be spring, but this is England after all and you will excuse me if I daydream while watching holidays posts of globetrotter fashion peeps on the blogsphere .
I was dreaming while watching and reading the post on Tulum, Mexico by Lucy Williams of FashionMeNow  I woke up once I've realised Lucy was wearing one of the blue  Morse Code POW bracelets from my collaboration with Not Another Bill !
ohh well at least one of my creation went to Paradise and swim into the blue sea...
 Read more of Lucy's holiday here.
Get you very own holiday companion bracelet by ESOTIC jewellery here and let me know where you are going so I can dream a little bit more....

Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Photo via NAB

A few months ago I happily collaborated with this amazing online company called
 NOT ANOTHER BILL, which every month carefully selects special and unusual articles  by artists  from around the globe to send them to its subscribers as a surprise. Together we came up with a twist on ESOTIC jewellery Morse Code bracelets that spell POW.

My interview with NAB in now online 

" What made you start using morse code to plant messages in your jewellery?
As a child I used to spend lots of time at the seaside especially at Isola d’ Elba, an island off the Tuscan coast. I remember my father was learning how to sail and you need to know how to communicate with the Morse Code alphabet when you are out in the water. I was mesmerised by it. It has been with me ever since and I was waiting to incorporate it into my jewellery collection. I always appreciate when something is bespoke and personal, when you can say that what you are wearing is like everybody else’s but, at the same time individual. So I’ve found little precious gold filled beads and tubes and strung them on colourful delicate silk threads writing words and initials using the morse code alphabet to create unique bracelets."

"what piece of jewellery you are never without?"
I’m never without my wedding band which my husband handmade for me (he is not a jeweller). That’s the most precious piece of jewellery I own. I’m also always wearing my black tahitian pearl engagement ring, a flamingo DoDo lucky charm from my mum, the Lady-Monooi  rose gold chain from my own label ESOTIC jewellery, which is for me a memento mori and of course a bunch of MorseCode Chakra bracelets.

Read the rest of the Q&A with NOTANOTHERBILL here

Thursday, 2 May 2013

NEW Morse Code Bracelets



NEW LIMITED collection of Morse Code bracelets in Sand (beige), Tan (light brown), Burnt Wood (dark brown), Pebble (grey) and Charcoal (black). The bracelets are all made using delicate silk threads with 14 ct ROSE gold-filled beads and chains. The new message UNITY is spelt using the morse code alphabet or you can choose to have your initials...