Friday, 13 September 2013

Sarah Jane Clarke, a dream home


via Tales Of Endearment

I always like to spend time on interiors, lifestyle blogs and websites, especially if they are of very interesting and stylish people; so checking Tales of Endearment Muse page is a recurrent habit.
The Australian Sass&Bide duo designers is one of my favourite, I love all their collections and personal styles.
A while ago I've posted the pictures of Heidi Middleton's beautiful house (always via Tales of Endearment); no surprise then if you find here the long awaited photos of the other half of the designers duo, Sarah Jane Clarke, of whom style I'm a huge fan, especially since a "Tiny Bird" told me that a while ago SJC passed by their boutique in Noosa Head and..... bought one of my MorseCode  bracelets. Pinch Me Now! I still not believe it, proud face...
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