Saturday, 13 March 2010

inspiration # 1

Josephine Baker
She is always one of my main source of inspiration.
I started to work on my friend Clare's wedding jewellery,
I can't reveal too much or post my work as promised to my friend.
but I decided to post the inspirations...
think hippy meet '20s
typical ESOTIC jewellery

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Houston has a though

Lula Sharing a though‏

Your Head or your Heart?

Ok… so this love game is a complicated affair (to say the least) but who do you trust, your heart or your head?
One of the last romantics standing, I have to campaign for the love of Love.
Granted, it hasn’t gotten me fare ☺, and my latest conqueror (a beautiful spirit) has been left with a wounded heart (unintentionally)… but as my good old friend Dani has declared:
Art will find a way (.com)
True love will come, consume and bid ride my fears ☺
Yes… one must be receptive but when the time is right… …it will empower me with fearless might, to over come any obstacles that haunt me.
Till then, to those who may try, beautiful spirits be aware, I am easy to love but hard to figure out; thanx John Mayer, you said it best… she's just like a maze, where all of the walls, all continually change.
Space cadets join me, the plight of flight dependents on your might.
Free spirits unit, before you loose yourself to the battle, only to follow your head and join the herd absent--mindlessly.
Till then… Dear Million Pound, please find your way to my account.
She has been waiting for you to come home ☺

This is from my gourgeos friend Lula, so talented...

Brunette BB

lo stile semplice ed elegante di Bianca Balti