Monday, 23 July 2012

Traveling like The Blonde Salad

Every time I post a piece of jewellery that I made I always wonder where it will go,
how will it be worn and what life it will live...
I think about the woman that will wear it and cherise,
how many outfits will joying in and the armparty/neck-layers it will take part to...
and if will make that woman smile everytime she is wearing it
If it will be passed down to a little girl...

I love travelling and when I saw these photos of Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad
I noticed one of my Morse Code bracelet going everywhere,
from Uganda to Mykonos and then to Firenze via Milano.
All for different occasion.
Lucky bracelet!


  find information of Millennium Promise here

Instagram in company of stunning african bangles

Back in MILANO for a quick change

wearing Lalesso

At the opening of  LOUIS VUITTON Resort in MYKONOS

with girlfriends and bloggers

wearing Lalesso

shooting for Louis Vuitton

shooting for Louis Vuitton

armparty in Mykonos


going to the dinner

stylelab look 1

stylelab look 3

on the street of Firenze

armparty in great company

Image of Morse Code & Chakras bracelets # Red
Red Chakra Morse Code Bracelet

Saturday, 21 July 2012

I eat everywhere

Some of the most beautiful and interesting things to do while you are travelling are to discover places
and to eat everywhere.
I know one person who does exactly that :
 I EAT EVERYWHERE is the blog of one of my ex-flatmate.
 Lucky lucky girl.
Tjow does a review of each place she goes to eat and takes pictures of the dishes.
keep it as a guide for when you travel.




Chinese in London




tacos in Mexico

All photos by I Eat Everywhere

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Elisa Nalin : navy, emerald & prints

Blue Morse Code Bracelet

Green Morse Code Bracelet


Red Morse Code Bracelet

Blue Morse Code Bracelet

No hiding my admiration for stylist Elisa, the only one in the fashion industry who really knows about NALIN-ing colour blocking and prints, including accessories and manicure !
Now also showing a love for "arm-party".
 Colour Palette: Navy, Emerald Green and Burgundy.

Add to your arm-party some Morse Code Chakra bracelets by ESOTIC jewellery

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Stella "marina" Jean

Ohhh Stella Jean I truly love your clothes,
now there's also a swimwear collection...
 I think those bikini tops would look sooo good under her unbuttoned tailored men's shirts.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Like a Lady-Pirate...

 Lady-Pirate necklace

Lady-Pirate bracelet

Lady-Pirate single ear ring

Going down to the beach adorned like a Lady- Pirate.
All jewellery handmade by ESOTIC jewellery