Monday, 14 May 2012

Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad

 Instagram by Chiara Ferragni



Candy shop outfit

Cote D'Azur outfit for Rolls Royce

 details Cote D'Azur outfit

 New tattoo outfit

details new tatto outfit

 at the park

 details of at the park outfit

 at Marzotto speech

 details from the Marzotto speech outfit

going to Anna Dello Russo birthday party

All photos by The Blonde Salade

I've received a phone call last week from a friend : have you seen Chiara Ferragni  posts on her
 blog The Blonde Salad??

To my huge surprise I saw Chiara Ferragni wearing her bespoke red chakra Morse Code bracelet that I made with my own hands.

Chiara Ferragni is by far the best known Italian blogger around the globe.
The italian answer to Australian bloggers Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper  or Jessica Stein of Tuula  and Swedish blogger Carolina Engman of Fashion Squad.

She embodies the Italian elegance, constantly  looking chic and stylish.
Her fashion choices are always a step ahead, definitely a trend setter .

Seeing the red Morse Code bracelet by ESOTIC jewellery worn next to a string of pearls, the Love  bracelet  and the Tank watch both by Cartier make me proud.

I believe Chiara Ferragni appreciated an honest gift from her friend made by myself with care and love.

I'm always happy when somebody takes as much pleasure from wearing my jewellery
 as I get from making it.


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