Thursday, 21 July 2011

The perfect outfit

A while ago I came across to the picture at the top.
 I saved it. Admired it. Want it.
To me it can be included in the folder called " perfect outfit ".
I would wear it head to toe: the suit, the blouse, the handbag and yes, even the jewellery but minus the baby blue nail polish which I'd replace it with a grey or hot pink one.
 My dear friends will definitely have no doubts on the fact that these are my colours.
 In fact half of my wardrobe sees the shades of coral and sand (some hot pink and denim ).
 I'm lucky this is the year when all my favourite colours are "trendy" so it makes it painfully easier to go shopping.
At my surprise I found "the perfect outfit" at Zara.
 Yes Yes YES.
Now I only have to add the problem, I run ESOTIC jewellery, right?

the rings on your fingers

 Bora-Bora, the everyday necklace

Lady-Coral, the statement necklace

Morse Code & Chakras bracelets, always on the wrists

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