Monday, 7 February 2011


This Valentine's day or any other, give your best wishes to the one you care for with a lovely message that goes straight ----- to the ESOTIC jewellery

Chakra & Morse Code bracelets from ESOTIC jewellery

Yellow gold-filled beads and chain with silk threads ( also available in red gold-filled ) bracelets £35.
Choose your Chakra colour and message from the list below and simply email me.
You can also have your own personal initials ( 2-3 letters i.e. AZ ) and  for anything else please ask.



 Colours / Chakra : 
  • Lilac / Crown Chakra : Personal identification with infinite.Wisdom.Peace.Awerness. Intelligence and Thoughtfulness
  • Purple / Third Eye Chakra : Balanced state of mind. Intuition.Devotion. Perception.
  • Blue / Throat Chakra : Ability to verbalize. Communication. Resonance. Creativity.
  • Green / heart Chakra : Soul and heart conciousness. Expressing love in action. Compassion. Altruism.
  • Yellow / Solar Plexus Chakra : Assimilation experience. Vitality. Self esteem.
  • Orange / Sacral Chakra : Utilization of creative forces into all aspects of being. High soul protection. Physical grace.
  • Red / Base Chakra : Grounded spirit. Forces in body. Stability. Prosperity.

                                                   LOVE OTHERS & YOURSELF

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