Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Old fashion going techno

Ok lots of my friends think I'm ahead for many things but when it comes to technology I'm so old fashioned.
After all I'm an artist, a craftsman that creates jewellery with her hands, listens to vinyl, writes letters back home even if I talk to my family one day yes and one no. And prints photos to stick in albums.
Until few years back I also kept a diary (you can find beautiful and unique ones from willowroseboutique...they make you want to write and write and write...).
It took me a while to set up my website which is now going well, of course I have e-mail accounts; I use skype. I got a little entourage on iqons and as you know I post on blogspot.
But that's it really.
Only now I'm getting used to my iPhone, which is a bit like my new office, yes I know...
Don't know how a page of facebook looks like but I just discovered Twitter and loving it !
so keep yourself updated and follow me

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