Wednesday, 27 October 2010

tropical birds

Thank you for all you wonderful e-mails; as promised here are few more feathers and silk ear rings from ESOTIC jewellery.

Monday, 25 October 2010


Selina wearing an ESOTIC jewellery single feather n silk ear ring

I met Selina years ago when she was travelling in Europe. We shared a flat in London. I just started making jewellery. Selina kindly modelled my feathers n silk single earring. While I was threading beads in my bedroom , she was making music in hers. I still remember her fine singing voice...
Now Selina is back in Australia where she is running popcornperfomance where she use her incredible talent and knowledge to help children to be more confident through music.
And if you are lucky to be down under you could check out her myspace page to find out about her gigs as Meander band.

Here is a short interview :

Your journey to music  - I have been musical from a young child. I started writing songs at age five. Music was used in my upbringing, education and now I use music to help nurture my baby daughter    
Music is  - a universal language. "Where words fail, music speaks" (Hans Christian Andersen)
Home is - with my partner and daughter and a piano.
Your favourite song  - changes every day. My favourite original is one I wrote for my fiance called "Bumblebee".
What is your treasure  - my miracle baby... the most precious treasure in the world.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

My V sparks

Here is my latest addition : a sparkling V made of recycled vintage diamante rings on a light oxidized silver is enough '20s looking but still rock'n'roll... and it looks like a V , the initial of my son 's name .
( pictured here with Lady-Monoi chain, Bora-Bora necklace n Pearls on a string ).

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

new interiors take 2

...finally I managed to upload some of my favourite pics from Freunde von Freunden 

new interiors

I found these websites and love them, shame is that today for some reason I can't  upload photos, so for now you just have this one...which is pretty good! check out Freunde von Freunden and Style like U ...they are simply amazing.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

MUSIC friends : intro

I'm going to add a monthly feature about something that has great influence in my life : MUSIC, even better it will be about all my friends and people I 've met that make music. and the music that special people introduced me to.

"Music and art is a global language that can help open people's heart, trascending different cultures and languages barriers, bringing people from all walks of life together" Daisaku Ikeda

MUSIC : ( 'mju:zik ) n 1 an art form consisting of sequences of sounds in time, esp. tones of definite pitch organized melodically, harmonically and rhytmically.

karen Elson